Garlic press chopper


  • This utensil gives you the choice. Would you prefer your Garlic sliced or diced? It’s your choice. This Garlic Crusher does both.
  • Effortlessly cut through even the toughest garlic, fruit, or vegetable. Takes almost no effort to push down the top and – hey presto! – you’ve got sliced or diced garlic. One side slices, the other dices.
  • our Garlic Press won’t leave your hands smelling of Garlic. It also fits well with other utensils in your Kitchen. This is a neutral green and white color. It fits in your drawer. It really doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Cleaning your Garlic Press is much easier than its traditional stainless steel cousin. No need to spend ages removing bits that are stuck in awkward places.
  • QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE – If You’re Every Unsatisfied For Any Reason, Simply Contact Us and We’ll offer a Free Replacement or Refund