Portable Steamer Iron

3,000.00 1,999.00



  • 1. The role of deodorization and disinfection. Especially hot underwear can be effectively disinfected. A soft, delicate brush protects the clothing from damage. Ironing, ironing and clips ensure that the clothes are flat.
  • 2. Hand-held portable compact and modern fabric steam design, small size can be placed in the bag for easy travel and storage. Suitable for different fabrics, vertical steam, fast wrinkle removal. Horizontal steam is suitable for areas that are difficult to iron, such as cuffs and collars.
  • 3, ceramic non-stick bottom plate – durable, can slide smoothly on a variety of fabrics, will not damage the clothing, and immediately wrinkle removal. The base plate heats up quickly, uses ultra-fast heating elements to quickly generate steam, saves waiting time, provides a powerful steam outlet for better wrinkle removal, and has strong steam and spray functions.
  • 4. Soft brush is suitable for shirts, curtains and carpet fabrics. The detachable flannel brush is suitable for coats and suits. It can remove static electricity, fine hair and adhesive fibers.
  • 5. Uniform distribution of steam, evenly moisturizing clothing, can be quickly formed, helping you to grasp stubborn creases immediately. Anti-drip: The iron is designed to prevent dripping by tightly adjusting the water temperature.