Wonder Hanger

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Product Description

Keeps clothes organized and wrinkle free.

Ideal for apartments, dorms and downsizing

Easy on and off open design.

Each wonder hanger holds 5 coat hangers and holds up to 20 lbs, strong enough to hold 5 winter coats.

Perfect for purses and belts neat, wrinkle free clothes.

Fits wood, metal or plastic hangers.

Each Magic wonder hanger contains 1 hanger and 2 hook.

Maximize your closet space & say goodbye to creases due to overcrowded closet

Great for Dorm Rooms & Apartments

Crowded closets mean wrinkled clothes. With Wonder Hanger, you can instantly triple your closet space. Hang up to five garments on each Wonder Hanger, then lock clothes in place to both protect and save closet space. Each Wonder Hanger is strong enough to hold five winter coats. Organize your favorite purses. Wonder Hanger fits wood, metal or plastic hangers.

The Wonder Hanger® holds up to 5 garments on each one, making organizing your closet easier than ever before. Bid farewell to the days of cramped closet space and wrinkled clothing! The incredible Wonder Hanger® makes your life smoother and more efficient